Decision Matrix


Life is full of decisions. What to eat? Where to live? Who to marry? Which car to buy?

Many of the decisions we have to make can be very difficult. What if there was an automated tool to help us with those tough decisions? Well, now there is. The Decision Matrix Web Application. The Decision Matrix has been around for years and is used by many. From executives to housewives, the matrix makes decisions easy, or at least easier. I have used it many times in my own life via paper and pen. So I decided to finally take the same idea and make a web application to help simplify the process. Here is how it works.

How To Use

First open the application. You can either use this link from this site or download a copy for your own personal computer offline. No need to install. It is just one HTML file that runs on any browser. Works on your smart phone too, but recommended for computers since the view may be difficult on the small screen.

This is a 10×10 matrix allowing for you to decide up to 10 decisions that have up to 10 deciding factors.

When you first open the application, you will be prompted to give your matrix a title. Name it whatever you like. This is helpful if you decide to save or print your matrix. Next, it is time to enter your data. The DECISION FACTORS header bar is where you can add all your deciding factors or choices for the decisions.

For example: If we were deciding on which computer to buy, we might use these as some of the deciding factors:

  • Cost
  • Brand
  • CPU
  • HDD
  • RAM
  • Graphics Card
  • OS
  • Software – Pre-installed Software
  • Durability
  • Warranty

Then, we need to add the DECISIONS. So in our example, this would be the different computers (Models) that we are trying to decide on.

Now we go through each decision to evaluate and score how well it measures up to the factors we specified. The recommended scale we use is: 1 – 5 Scale

1  (Very Poor)  to 5  (Very Good)

So in our example, some computers that we are deciding on are very expensive (Cost), so I would score these as 1 (Very Poor) or 2 (Poor) but maybe these same computers offer very large HDD in which I would score these as 4 (Good) or 5 (Very Good).

Lastly, we need to evaluate the WEIGHT of each factor. How important is Cost or the amount of HDD space?

1  =  Unimportant and 5  =  Very Important

Once all the data has been entered, we are ready to CALCULATE our results. This is the easy part because the application does it for you. Just hit the Calculate button and the program runs through your data, calculates and will highlight the best decision.

Make the RIGHT Decision with the Decision Matrix.

Enjoy! ;)